Fast Facts

Fast Facts

  • Headquartered in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and Fargo, North Dakota.
  • Common stock (OTTR) trades on The NASDAQ Global Select Market.
  • Dividends paid continuously since 1938.
  • The annual indicated rate for 2020 is $1.48 per share, which is a $.08 increase over the 2019 rate.
  • Diversified operations provide steady earnings growth.

2019 Statistics
Market Capitalization $2.06 billion
Number of Common Shares Outstanding 40.2 million
Diluted Earnings (Loss) Per Share $2.17
Dividends Per Common Share $1.40
Return on Average Common Equity 11.6%
Book Value Per Common Share $19.46
Full-time Employees 2,208
2019 Operating Revenue by Segment
    Electric $459 million
    Manufacturing $277 million
    Plastics $183 million
Total Operating Revenue $919 million
2019 Net Income
Net Income $87 million

Operating Income by Platform

Market Capitalization

Growth of Investment

Dividend Pay History