Electric utility | Fergus Falls, MN | 1907
With a balanced commitment to environmental, economic, and community stewardship, Otter Tail Power Company provides electricity and energy services to more than a quarter million people in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Employs approximately 800 employees.
Metal fabricator | Detroit Lakes, MN | 1995
BTD Manufacturing Inc. provides metal fabrication services for custom machine parts and metal components through metal stamping, tool and die, machining, tube bending, welding, and assembly. Employs approximately 1,500 employees.
Custom plastic parts manufacturer | Clearwater, MN | 2001
T.O. Plastics, Inc. manufactures extruded and thermoformed plastic products, including custom parts for customers in several industries and its own line of horticulture containers. Employs approximately 200 employees.
PVC pipe manufacturer | Fargo, ND | 1995
Northern Pipe Products, Inc. manufactures and sells PVC pipe used in municipal water, rural water, wastewater, and storm drainage systems in the northern, midwestern, and western regions of the United States as well as Canada. Employs approximately 100 employees.
PVC pipe manufacturer | Phoenix, AZ | 2000
Vinyltech Corporation manufactures and sells PVC pipe used in municipal water, wastewater, and water reclamation systems in the south central, southwestern, and western regions of the United States. Employs approximately 80 employees.